80 x 126 x 15 cm
enamel on  Styrofoam
Mom in yellow styrofoam version can be recognized by her hair and pearl necklace
The eyes are closed meaning open mind and take your time

Mom has a secret, it's made up of several layers and different pieces joined together, each individually
enameled and only at the end covered with yellow.
Even if they are no longer seen, they are part of the experiences and of the character of the work and they'll be

I like to use styrofoam because I can give it  imperfections that make it more human and thanks to its thickness I can emphasize the three‐dimension. I love to use enamel on Styrofoam because it binds to the work, making sinuous even the hardest
surfaces, like the character of a person. I like to think that it can completely cover other colors, even
black, as if to cover negative experiences, bringing out positivity. Anto
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